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About Bula Forge

Bula Forge & Machine, Inc., established in 1973, is an ISO 9001 certified small business enterprise.  Initially certified to ISO-9000 in 2005, we continue to excel in our goals to maintain and improve our quality system. These improvements are evident in our consistent success in follow-up registrar audit re-certifications. Our customers reap the benefits of our attention to detail and ability to provide a quality product.

Bula Forge & Machine specializes in value-added processes.  With our many in-house technical capabilities, variety of forging operations, precision machining ability, and established relationships with outside service providers, Bula Forge & Machine, Inc. offers a depth of stability and technical expertise seldom seen in forging houses. 

Bula Forge & Machine not only produces the die designs, but also manufactures the dies in-house.  With our engineering ability to drive changes throughout the design process coupled with in-house die welding, tweaking a forging operation can be quickly and efficiently handled resulting in effective cost control and on-time delivery of products.

We can handle your projects from design concept to a ready to install finished forged and machined component.  We stand ready to assist your company in whatever capacity is needed and look forward to becoming your industry partner for your forging and machining needs.

Wayne E. Phelps,
President and Co-founder of Bula Forge & Machine, Inc.





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